One of my favorite previous families joined me in studio for an Easter mini session. Her children looked absolutely adorable in their little Easter outfits. I had not seen them since last Fall and so they had grown a lot since last I saw them. I got to play peek a boo with Samantha’s baby boy and also got to see and interact with Samantha’s 3 year old who thinks he’s a teenager already lol. Such handsome lil boys.

For the actual shots, Samantha’s 3 year old was great at smiling for the camera and was very patient with me at the beginning of our session. The baby was so happy go lucky and really enjoyed playing with all the props. They were both such a joy for their photo session.

While editing Samantha’s session, my own little boy was busy watching The Incredibles 2(which he has seen about 6 times now). I was specifically editing the baby boy’s image when I realized he looked just like Baby Jack Jack from The Incredibles 2 movie. This cracked me up. LOL

Misty Dawn Photography Children Easter Fort Knox KY Easter

Well I just adored having them in my studio! My favorite picture from the whole session was pretty much the very last one! I hope Samantha prints this and hangs it on her wall at home because it is picture perrrrfect!

I find Children Photography to be so rewarding!! One reason is because the very next time I see them they will have changed so much already. It’s inevitable! Children grow and change so much!! I know what its like to be a Mom and love every expression they make!! We want to capture everything!! I have 3 rambunctious boys of my own. I have practiced SOOO much to get natural genuine expressions from them! We will work together to get your child warmed up to me. Before you know it, we will be having fun getting gorgeous images of the beauty that exists inside and out of your children. Children Photography is so rewarding, let’s stop time together.

A lot of what I have learned about children photography has come from a great teacher and fellow photographer Tamara Lackey. I have learned so much about photography from a great resource online called Creative Live

What Package is right for you?

My packages can accommodate Children Photography very well. I would definitely recommend an ALL inclusive session Let’s face it, as a Mom its so hard to choose one specific image of your child! Each and every expression is adorable! With this package, you get all the images. No need to choose which expression you like best!

The all-inclusive package may not quite fit for your unique family. If you just want the best images produced, my basic package is what I would recommend for Children Photography. It includes 15 digital images of your beautiful children captured in a way to see all the beauty that lies inside and out of their beautiful little souls. With this package you will receive 15 full resolution images fully edited with a print release to allow you to print them however you would like.

I also have specialty sessions that are quick and perfect for breaking the ice with me as their photographer. However, if your child is extremely shy or very slow to warm up 30 minutes may not be enough time to get good expressions. Book a basic package instead.

It might be more price efficient if you book a family session to include all the digitals so you have many pictures of not just your children but also YOU because when your children grow up, they will cherish these images of their beautiful mother and father just as they were many years ago. Let’s capture that beautiful loving connection you have with each other so for many generations to come, they will see you exactly as you were when they were young.

A mother and her baby at sunset

Mommy and me sessions are the best! To capture all the love that exist between a Mom and her new baby. It is such a beautiful time to have these memories captured! The time flies by so fast. Capture the joy and all the love. They just grow up way too fast.

Misty Dawn Photography Mommy and me Fort Knox KY
Mother and baby by lake at sunset

I just loved this session so much. This was the client’s first baby so you just see the love oozing out of both of them in these portraits. A mommy and me session is so special. Sometimes there is a lot of doubt when a mom is pregnant about whether or not she will be able to handle being a mom. She has no idea what that kind of love feels like, so there’s a lot of self doubt. However, when you become a mom for the first time it is instantaneous, that motherly love that overwhelms you, that guides you! That’s why we have to capture such a special time. A mother’s love for her baby is amazing! It’s not taught. It’s not something you earn. It teaches you what love is truly about. Becoming a mom taught me about agape love, unconditional love that knows no bounds. Let’s not even start about a child’s love for their mom! It’s not hard to see the love between them.

When to book?

I love Mommy and me sessions with babies! But it really doesn’t have to be a baby. A mother’s love for her child is forever! That being said A Great Mother’s Day gift would be to buy a gift certificate for a mom in your life to get portraits done of her with her children. Please use one of my contact forms to ask me about gift certificates. You can find a form here: . Hope to hear from you soon :)

You will find images of babies and children photography taken with Misty Dawn Photography on this page.

Babies and children portraits taken with Misty Dawn Photography in the Fort Knox and Elizabethtown, KY area. Children grow and change so much!! I know what its like to be a Mom and love every expression they make!! We want to capture everything!! I have 3 rambunctious boys of my own. To get them to pose for a photograph is tricky but I have the experience to let them be their natural selves and get a beautiful portrait of them. We will work together to get your child warmed up to me and before you know it we will be having fun getting gorgeous images of the beauty that exists inside and out of your children.

These images are family portraits photography by Misty Dawn Photography. I truly believe that family is one of life’s greatest blessings and God’s masterpiece. It’s hard to get genuine smiles and capture the love that exist between family when mom/dad is stressed running back and forth to the camera. Let me take out all the stress and capture the actual love between your family.

The favorite part of my job is that I get to work with families to capture their honest, authentic, messy, beautiful love for one another! Yes, we’ll set some shots up and tweak things to make you look amazing, but my number one goal is that you walk away with real and genuine photos that truly capture this season in your family life. The beautiful part of my job is that families are constantly growing and changing, and I get to capture those incredible moments in time for you to hold on to – Because they go by so fast!

During the session we’ll do a little bit of everything – I’ll use a mix of prompts, poses, and YES Photoshop to get the family portrait you’ve been dreaming about. We’ll get you interacting and having a blast, portraits where you’re not pulling your hair out trying to get your kids to sit still or smile on cue. In my opinion, that’s the best way to have a photoshoot! Just bring your family and let me do the work while you enjoy each other. Book your family portraits photography session today or contact me on Facebook:

My family got together at Elizabethtown Nature Park for a Fall family session.

  • Misty Dawn Photography Families my fall family session Fort Knox Ky Elizabethtown

This is my fall 2018 family session. I just loved how the tall grass glistened in the sun. The unposed, in the moment, images are the ones I love the most! Therefore, I have the one of my family laughing together on a 16×24 canvas in my living room. Because it just fills my heart to see us all together laughing and enjoying being together. I want this for you and your family as well. I want to capture the joy and love that exist between a family. This memory will always be enjoyed no matter how old my boys get. It will be cherished no matter how far away they move once they are grown. If my session can turn out so good that I am printing canvases on my wall, just imagine how well yours could be with me behind the camera capturing every moment your family shares!

Loved this session last fall. On this particular day the weather magically warmed up just for our photo session. My originally planned area to take these pictures had cut down all the beautiful tall grass. I was nearly heartbroken. Until I saw a little patch of grass not too far away. This great, fun loving family was so easy going and really put their trust in me to find the right spot for great light and great family pictures. I so love how these precious portraits turned out and hope they cherish them for a very, very long time.