A mother and her baby at sunset

Mommy and me sessions are the best! To capture all the love that exist between a Mom and her new baby. It is such a beautiful time to have these memories captured! The time flies by so fast. Capture the joy and all the love. They just grow up way too fast.

Misty Dawn Photography Mommy and me Fort Knox KY
Mother and baby by lake at sunset

I just loved this session so much. This was the client’s first baby so you just see the love oozing out of both of them in these portraits. A mommy and me session is so special. Sometimes there is a lot of doubt when a mom is pregnant about whether or not she will be able to handle being a mom. She has no idea what that kind of love feels like, so there’s a lot of self doubt. However, when you become a mom for the first time it is instantaneous, that motherly love that overwhelms you, that guides you! That’s why we have to capture such a special time. A mother’s love for her baby is amazing! It’s not taught. It’s not something you earn. It teaches you what love is truly about. Becoming a mom taught me about agape love, unconditional love that knows no bounds. Let’s not even start about a child’s love for their mom! It’s not hard to see the love between them.

When to book?

I love Mommy and me sessions with babies! But it really doesn’t have to be a baby. A mother’s love for her child is forever! That being said A Great Mother’s Day gift would be to buy a gift certificate for a mom in your life to get portraits done of her with her children. Please use one of my contact forms to ask me about gift certificates. You can find a form here: https://www.mistydawnphotography.org/contact/ . Hope to hear from you soon :)